lady with cello
no 3

27 x 37 cm

watercolour on arches
300gsm cp fine


José said...

Ciao Perugina,

You have some wonderful paintings, namely "La Bella Flautista".
I've chosen to comment upon this one becasuse I find that a woman playing the cello is very sensuous; a cartoon doesn't have much sensuality though :-)




Welcome again to my blog Jose`.. nice of you to take the time to leave your thoughts. I appreciate all and any feedback :)
La Bella Flautista is probably my favourite among the ladies, having said this however, each seems to have a personalita` all their own.. even though they are stylized/cartoon like. This is their charm i suppose.
I agree with your comment, "a woman playing the cello is very sensuous".. i apologise that my rendition does not have the sensuality you seek.. this is the beauty of art i guess.
"your eyes only see what they want to see" Gloria Estephan
auguri a presto