ladies and the instruments they play
watercolour works celebrating music
“Chiudo gli occhi e vedo te, Trovo il cammino che
Mi porta via, Dall' agonia
Sento battere in me, Questa musica che,
Ho inventato per te.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .I close my eyes and see you,
Finding the path transporting me away from pain.

I feel beating within me,
This music I invent for you.

Lara Fabian


Music has always captured and inspired me throughout my life.

On my fifth birthday i was given the gift of a cream coloured miniature version of a grand piano – a Schoenhut toy piano for children, one i’m certain set both my loving aunt and uncle a small fortune back then.

A few hours of tinkering, to my amazement and that of my parents, i was able to quickly work out and play a simple tune with the couple of octaves available to me – not that i knew what an octave was then.

Many uprights later, rented and bought as we travelled backwards and forwards from
Aus and abroad, and for a period of time being without, i now have my very own black grand piano.
The tunes, albeit a little more complex these days,
which i still sit and work out, amaze me.

Thank you zia Antonietta and zio Peppino - (who sadly is no longer with us) for giving me this gift

which permitted me to discover the wonder of music.

A gift which continues to give me great joy.

Love you and forever grateful.

I dedicate this series to you both.
la vostra,

I hope you enjoy viewing this small collection of watercolour paintings
celebrating music as much as I have creating them.

This series will be added to over time,

with sketches waiting in the wings to be given life as watercolour paintings.

Enjoy their performance
stay tuned.
a presto!

My beautiful zia Antonietta who lives in Italy photo taken 7th June, 2009 at Alessandra's (Issima)Wedding.. as it turns out her favourite colour is blue and there is no other picture of elegance in my mind than she.
Zia you are remembered for your grace, spirit and inner beauty.

You are far from those who love you dearly, but we hold you close in heart and mind.


Srishti said...

Beautiful!!!! & Musical!!! :D
Love & Melody


Srishti...So happy you have come to visit the Ladies and me of course! :)
So nice to have them in their own space surrounded by music.

wayne said...

Hi PG,
A stunning 'composition of compositions'!! Beautiful in every way!!! Mesmerising, soulful, rich in emotion. Full-bodied velvety bass/darks and polyphonic rhythms (visual and sonic) intermingle
with a sparkling clarity of treble articulated sounds and of the luminous light/music emanating from your watercolours. Your selection of music is as diverse (in time span, >> Bach - Chopin -Debussy) as it is unified (in spirit). This is more than music to the eyes and ears ... it is "dal cuore", Music of the Mind. Brilliant. Radiant. Reflective. ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊


Wayne, I am stilled by your comments as one is when listening to the most beautiful sounds – your words speak ‘these sounds’. Your very kind and thoughtful notes/words touching my heart having recognised these simple watercolour works are indeed as you have expressed in Italian ’dal cuore’, (I smile) and having them here, in their own place, as they were to begin with, everything is now as it should be – only now surrounded by music I also find beautiful.
You say, ”Music of the Mind”. - I reply, ”Fa pieno anche il cuore”. – makes also the heart full!

Wayne - May your mind and heart be full of the beautiful sounds you seek, upon finding them, write them, play them, for us all!

Peter Zentjens said...

Good on you Patricia,
it’s a marvellous series and it deserves it’s own special place.


Thanks Pete
Everything is as it should be now.

Philip said...

lol... for the ladies, damn i shouldnt be looking great shot WONDERFUL
greetings from downtown Lithgow


LOL!!!!!!!!!!! For the Ladies and the Instruments They Play Philip – you are most welcome to look…I had the most wonderful fun in this photo session. :)

Renate said...

Lovely photograph Patricia-you are captured by the sound of your own music-wonderful expression of emotion.


I thank you for that wonderful comment Renate"captured by the sound of your own music" ...yes! Exactly what i wanted to aim for in these photos representing the series.

Mrswillow said...

I love this series Perugina…they are so happy and abandoned in their joy of making music.


Thank you so much Mrs W! i plan to add to these in the coming months.

Mrswillow said...

Ooops! I meant to compliment you on the great B& W study too! You and your ladies are definately letting your hair down!!


MrsW...Yes, we are definitely “letting our hair down” need to tame the frizz though! “Where are my John Frieda products?... I need them NOW!” lol

Anni said...

Art and music marry together so well Patricia, a great series of paintings…and your pic…you have amazing hair :) ~ Anni xxx


Art & Music certainly do marry well Anni – a wonderful way of putting it. I am glad that you like this series – oh the hair…see above comment! LOL

J-C Saint-Pô said...

Very nice collection of paintings and very beautiful music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you so much Jean-Christophe.
Also thank you for letting me know that you enjoy the music by keeping this blog open.

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